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Image Processing and Computer Vision in Python

Interactive Online Course

  • Tentative Start Date: Winter 2021 Semester (whenever the minimum enrollment limit of 8 is met or TBA)
  • Day/Time: Tuesdays, 6-8:45 pm EDT
  • Length: 10 weeks (20 hrs)
  • Instructor: Dr. Mohammad Baradaran

Important Notes: 

  • A “Certificate of Completion” will be awarded to you, if you pass the final exam.
  • The full price of the course is $130. If you register before Nov. 5th, you can register with $30 off (i.e. discounted price is $90).
  • The lectures are in either in Farsi or English, but course material is in English.
  • The course is associated with an R&D projects with specific benefits for students.

Course Description

Part 1: Image Processing with Python (5 sessions)

  • Basics of Digital image processing (Concepts of digital images, color spaces, filter, image processing tasks, different image formats, edges, image gradient, …)
  • Different needed libraries for image processing (numpy, matplotlib, PIL, open CV)
  • Reading, writing and showing images or videos in python
  • Different image processing operations in python (thresholding, flipping, linear transformations, …)
  • Applying different filters to images (denoising, blurring, edge detection, morphological transformations)

Part 2: Machine Vision with Python (5 Sessions)

  • Concepts of different image processing and computer vision applications (image classification, object localization, detection, segmentation
  • CNN application, CNN layer and training algorithm in image classification
  • Benefiting CNN zoo (pre-trained CNNs) for image classification and fine tuning for a target task
  • Introduction to pytorch and its modules
  • Starting implementations by designing a fully connected network in pytorch
  • Implementing a deep CNN in pytorch, from scratch, for image classification
  • Implementing Deep AutoEncoders for image reconstruction
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2 students enrolled.

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