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National Building Code of Canada-Part 4 Structural Design

Interactive Online Course

Date: July 31st – Sept. 11th (if the minimum enrollment limit of 8 is met or TBA)

Duration: 9 weeks (18 hours)

Fridays: 8-10 pm EDT

Important Notes: 

  • A “Certificate of Completion” will be awarded to you, if you complete at least 60% of the course.
  • The full price of the course is $60. 
  • With early bird registration before July 6th, you pay only $30.

Course Description


Course Outline:

  • Introduction, Types of Loads, Method of Analysis, Types of Limit States, Load Combinations in Different Limit State, Importance Factor…
  • Structural Integrity, Load Path, Structural System, Tributary Area… 3- Dead Load
  • Live Load (Full and Partial Loading, Live Load Reduction, Load on Guards…)
  • Snow Load (Specified Snow Load, Drift Accumulation, Full and Partial Load, Ice Loading, Rain Loading, Ponding…)
  • Wind Load (Introduction, Static Procedure, External and Internal Wind Pressure/Suction, Partial Loading…)
  • Earthquake (Damage Cause Earthquake, Dynamic of Structure, Definition, Structural Irregularity, Method of Analysis, Equivalent Static Force Procedure…)


Recourse: National Building Code of Canada (NBCC 2015) Division B, Part 4 – Structural Design Structural Commentaries (User’s Guide-NBCC 2015)


Daryoush Mortazavi, PhD, PEng, is the founder and CEO of 'Synnovate Institute of Research & Education (SIRE)'

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