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National Building Codes: Part 3


Synchronous Online Course

  • Tentative Start Date: March 5th (As soon as we reach to a minimum limit of 10) 
  • Day/Time: Fridays, 8:00-9:45 pm EDT
  • Length: 7 weeks (14 hours)
  • Instructor: Ms. Masoudeh Nooraei

Important Notes: 

  • A “Certificate of Completion” will be awarded to you, if you complete the course.
  • The full price of the course is $100. Enrollment fee for the first 5 persons before Jan. 18th is  $70.
  • The cap of this course is 20 persons.

Course Description

Building Code for Architects is a technical course, which focuses on Parts 3 & 9 of the National Building Code. In part 3 section, large building classification and construction Will be discussed. The curriculum covers separation of major occupancies; building area and height; streets, building size and construction;  fire separations and fire-resistance ratings; firewalls; Spatial Separation Requirements; closures; Exit & Egress, mezzanines and interconnected floor spaces; Barrier-free requirements and alternative solutions.
In part 9 section, we will go over the code requirements for small buildings & houses in terms of structural requirements; design of areas & spaces; Stairs, ramps, handrails & guards; means of egress and fire protection.

Course Material:

You need to have either a hard copy or a PDF version of the National Building Code. The course organizers can provide you with the PDF version, if needed.



12 Replies to “National Building Codes: Part 3 (Architecture) – Winter 21”

  1. Hi,
    This class would be useful for me if it starts on January 8th, as my exam is on February 24th.
    Would I be refunded if I sign up and the class does not kick off on January 8th?

  2. Hi dear
    I registered and paid for about part 3 &9 today . I can see my name in the list of students for part 9, but no in the part 3.

    1. Hello,
      No there is no priority, but we deliver part3 first.
      The course has not been started yet, we start in March.
      If you miss any sessions, you will have access to videos.

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