20 students

PLC Programming 

Part 1 – Allen Bradly (RSLogix 500)

Asynchronous Online Course


  • Length: 7 weeks
  • Instructor: Dr. Daryoush Mortazavi

Important Notes: 

  • A “Certificate of Completion” will be awarded to you, if you complete at least 60% of the course.


Course Description

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) have a wide range of applications in controlling machines and processes. You will the standard ladder diagram (LD) programming language and implement it on the Micrologix family of Allen Bradley PLC’s which are programmed using RSLogix500. In this online course you will learn how to emulate your program like when you are running it on a real PLC.

In this introductory course you will get familiar with input/output addressing, basic ladder instructions, timers, counters, sequencers and sequential LD programming, shift registers, and mathematical and logic operation.

our practical activities are implemented using RSLogix500 and RSLogix Emulate 500.

Graduates of this course may be expected to demonstrate their programming skills in design, programming, and commissioning of automation systems.

Program outcomes

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Design and program ladder diagrams
  2. Troubleshoot and modify LD logic diagrams
  3. Develop Ladder Diagram (LD) programs using basic logix instructions
    1. XIC –| |–, XIO –|/|–,  OTE –( ), OTL –(L), OTU –(U)
    2. series /parallel contacts
    3. Holding circuits
  4. Install the RSLogix Micro and Emulator 500
  5. Structuring programs using Subroutins
  6. Timer instructions: TON, TOF, and RTO
  7. Counter instructions: CTU and CTD
  8. Shift Registers
  9. Comparison, Computation, Move & logical operation

Class Plan

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Learning Resource

Title: Allen-Bradley PLCs – An Emphasis on Design and Application

  • Author: Kelvin T. Erickson
  • Publisher: Dogwood Valley Press, Edition: 1st (2013)
  • ISBN: 978-0-9766259-3-3



Daryoush Mortazavi, PhD, PEng, is the founder and CEO of 'Synnovate Institute of Research & Education (SIRE)'


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    1. Hi,

      It’s too late now to register for the Allen Bradly course now. We have had 5 weeks so far and only 3 weeks is left.
      There is another course on Siemens TIA Portal, starting on June 17th, you are welcome to enroll for that course with 50% discount before saturday, or wait until we start another registration for AB PLCs.

    1. I will change this course to a non-interactive online course, once the online classes are over in 3 weeks. Then, you can have access to the material, without any interactive virtual classes.

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